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Industrial Internet started, policy helped break the bottleneck

2018-08-20 12:51:28

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Guidelines for the Construction and Promotion of Industrial Internet Platforms" and the "Evaluation Methods for Industrial Internet Platforms". The guide proposes to cultivate about 10 cross-industry inter-disciplinary industrial Internet platforms and a number of enterprise-level industrial Internet platforms for specific industries and specific regions by 2020.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the standard of the industrial Internet platform is the key to standardizing the platform function, and driving the development of the full value chain such as technology research and development, industry application and service innovation of the platform.
Policy dividends continue
Since 2015, the Chinese government has issued a series of policies to promote the development of the industrial Internet. In 2015, the “Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Actively Promoting the “Internet +” Action” proposed to promote the integration of the Internet and the manufacturing industry, improve the digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing, strengthen the cooperation of the industrial chain, and develop a new model of collaborative manufacturing based on the Internet.
In 2016, the “Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Manufacturing Industry and Internet Development” was promulgated, and it is proposed to fully release the power of “Internet +”, transform and upgrade traditional kinetic energy, foster new economic growth points, and accelerate the pace of update of quality and efficiency to successfully transform from a giant industrial country to a powerful one.
In 2017, the State Council officially issued the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry" to Develop Industrial Internet", proposed to strengthen the supply capacity of the industrial Internet industry, continuously improve the development level of China's industrial Internet, and further promote "Internet +" to form a good pattern of mutual promotion and simultaneous improvement between entity economy and the network.
In the context of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading, the era of China's industrial Internet is rapidly starting.
Recently, the reporter learned in interviews with some industrial enterprises that intelligent manufacturing with digital design as the source and information system as the support and intelligent equipment as the starting point is being tested first in some enterprises; there are also some enterprises with relatively old equipment completing transformation of the production line by means of the Internet, which provides a guarantee for enterprises to improve production efficiency, shorten production cycle and ensure product quality. This kind of exploration and experimentation will provide a reference for the development of China's industrial Internet.
Market participants generally believe that the introduction of a series of policies and corporate practices show that the industrial Internet has become an important development direction for the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. With the continuous release of the policy dividend and the overall support of the industry fundamentals, the Industrial Internet has entered a new development stage, domestic excellent enterprises will rise rapidly.

The direction of development is clear
Although the general direction of China's industrial Internet development has become clear, how to achieve rapid development and strength on the existing basis is particularly important, especially how to start with high quality testing the government, industry and the entire market.
On July 21, Chen Zhaoxiong, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that China's industrial Internet has great potential for development and broad prospects, but it is necessary to grasp the fundamental requirements of high-quality development and accelerate the development of industrial Internet innovation.
Ao Li, director of the China Institute of Information and Communication Standards, said that the network transformation in China's factories is far behind abroad, and it can even be said that there is a big gap with foreign countries. However, outside the factory, due to the involvement of telecom operators, China's network capabilities are relatively strong. From the perspective of the entire industry, the network within the factory, China basically has no core technology, and the network standards are all in the hands of foreign manufacturers.
"In the past six months, the domestic industry and local governments have been enthusiasm for the development of the industrial Internet platform, and they have accelerated their layout. However, the parties have not yet formed a unified understanding of the platform's connotation, technology, function and construction path, and there is no reference in the cultivation and promotion of the platform of mature experience. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate guidelines for the construction and promotion of industrial Internet platforms to provide practical guidance for the development of industrial Internet platforms," said the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The bottleneck needs to be broken
It is understood that data collection is the foundation of the industrial Internet platform. The first problem to be solved by the industrial Internet platform is to connect people, machines and business systems in the industry, but it is not an easy task to connect equipment to the industrial site. At present, more than 80% of the machinery and equipment in China's industrial enterprises above designated size are “dumb” devices that are not connected to the Internet and cannot talk. Only 20% of the devices are connected to the network to “talk”, but these devices follow different communication protocols. There are serious "language barriers" that have become the bottleneck restricting the construction of industrial Internet platforms.
In addition, industrial big data modeling and analysis capabilities are weak, and the number of applications is small, which also restricts the development of China's industrial Internet.
It is particularly worth mentioning that China's standard system has been imperfect and not uniform in the development of industrial Internet platforms, which is not conducive to the rapid development of the industry.
The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that the introduction of the industrial Internet platform construction and promotion guide was launched around the three aspects of the platform standard system construction, the standard promotion mechanism construction and the promotion of the standard international docking. First, for the basic commonality, key technologies and application services of the industrial Internet platform, develop a number of national standards, industry standards and group standards, and establish a platform standard system. The second is to play the role of the industry, academia and research parties and alliance associations, build a standard management service platform, develop standard conformity verification tools and solutions, conduct standard publicity training, and form a platform standard formulation and promotion mechanism. The third is to establish a benchmarking mechanism with the German Industry 4.0 platform and the US Industrial Internet Alliance, accelerate the domestic conversion of international standards, support the standardization institutions and key enterprises to directly participate in the formulation of international standards, and promote the international docking of platform standards.

Source: Workers Daily

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