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KHGK Caliper type pipe-pipe argon arc welding machine
KHGK series pipe-to-pipe fully automatic pulse argon arc welding machine is specially designed for all-position automatic welding of pipes with an outer diameter of 16 to 300mm. The entire set of equipment is independently developed by our company. It adopts advanced inverter DC pulse argon arc welding power supply, vehicle-mounted integrated design, touch screen data input, and PLC module control system.


boilers, heat exchangers, chemicals, food, medical, engineering installation, industrial pipelines, ships, military industry and nuclear power industries.



Other types:

1. 5 specifications, select as needed; caliper-type clamping is quick and convenient, and can be adjusted arbitrarily for different pipe diameters;

2. The main components of the machine head are made of aviation materials, which are light in weight, stable in structure, and will not deform at high temperatures; using a stepper motor, the machine head moves stably and reliably;

3. PLC control system can store up to 100 sets of welding specifications, and each set of welding specifications can be divided into 1-12 segments; LCD touch screen makes input simple and convenient;

4. Using Panasonic IGBT inverter controlled DC pulse power supply, the welding efficiency is high, the arc is stable, and the weld bead shape is beautiful;

5. Forced water cooling system, equipped with a 16-liter stainless steel water tank, which circulates the welding torch for cooling, and the machine can work continuously for 24 hours;

6. Car-mounted integrated design, free to move.
Machine nose KHGK16-40 KHGK36-90 KHGK70-160 KHGK140-230 KHGK210-300
Swing speed 0.4-3r/min 0.2-2r/min 0.1-1r/min 0.07-0.5r/min 0-0.5r/min
Weldable pipe outer diameter 16-40mm 36-90mm 70-160mm 140-230mm 210-300mm
Tungsten electrode diameter 1.6/2.4mm 2.4mm 2.4mm 2.4mm 2.4mm
Swing function
mechanical pendulum Effective swing range ———— ±8mm ±8mm ±8mm ±8mm
swing speed ———— 0.5-10mm/s 0.5-10mm/s 0.5-10mm/s 0.5-10mm/s
left and right dwell time ———— 0.1-10s 0.1-10s 0.1-10s 0.1-10s
magnetic pendulum Effective swing range ———— ±6mm ±6mm ±6mm ±6mm
swing frequency ———— 0-5Hz 0-5Hz 0-5Hz 0-5Hz
Automatic arc length control
Arc length adjustment speed ———— 2.5mm/s 2.5mm/s 2.5mm/s 2.5mm/s
Wire feeding unit (internal and external)
Filling silk 0.8/1.0mm 0.8/1.0mm 0.8/1.0mm 0.8/1.0mm 0.8/1.0mm
Adjustable wire feeding angle < 45° < 45° < 45° < 45° < 45°
Wire feed speed 0~2.0m/min 0~2.0m/min 0~2.0m/min 0~2.0m/min 0~2.0m/min
Welding torch angle adjustable 0°~45° 0°~45° -15°~45° -15°~45° -15°~45°
Machine head weight 4.0kgs 5.5kgs 7.5kgs 9.5kgs 12.5kgs
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