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Orbital Weld Head For 3-180mm Steel Tube Welding
KHGC series enclosed type orbital weld head can be used for tube outer diameter from Ф3-Ф180mm tube to tube automatic welding at all positions. It is suitable for welding carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and titanium alloy thin-walled tubes. In addition, this orbital weld head uses a maxon servo motor that is suitable for small spaces. The welding head can rotate continuously without the need for spot welding.


carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and titanium alloy thin-walled tubes.



1. Mature technology, sealed welding, perfect welded pipe.

2. Accurate welding.  Using IGBT inverter DC pulse and TIG power supply, combined with advanced control technology, to ensure perfect finished products.

3. 7 types of welding heads to adapt to different requirements.  Customers can choose the welding head according to the pipe size and space.  You can also purchase a few different heads to match the control system to save costs.

4. Digital programming and LCD touch.  The system can store 100 different process specifications, each of which can be divided into 6 parts.  You can use it anytime.

Other orbital weld heads:

                                                        Technical Parameter Of Digital Welder
Outer diameter of weldable pipe φ3 mm ~φ180 mm Rated load duration 60 %
Power control mode IGBT Rated no-load voltage 78 V
Power 380V 50 / 60 Hz  Rated welding voltage 22.6 V
Voltage allows range of fluctuation 380 V ± 10 % Adjustment range of welding current 5 ~ 300 A
Rated input capacity 13.9 KVA Pulse frequency 0.5 ~ 500 Hz
Rated input power 9.5KW Pulse duty ratio 5~95%
The KHGC have 7 types to suitable for welding different pipe diameters. Customer could choose it by your siae of need welding pipe and space. 
It's also could buy a set of control system and different welding head to used for different pipe.
                                                         Welding Head  Models And Parameters
Model KHGC 20 KHGC 34 KHGC 63 KHGC 89 KHGC 114 KHGC180
Weld speed (rpm) 0.6-10 0.6-10 0.3-5 0.1-2.5 0.1-2.5 0.1-2.5
Suitable Dia (mm) 3-20 10-34 12-63 16-89 20-114 51-180
Electrode Dia (mm) 1.6 1.6/2.4 1.6/2.4 1.6/2.4 1.6/2.4 1.6/2.4
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