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Automatic CO2 Welding Machine
During welding procedure, welding wire keeps loading automatically and CO2 gas gets sprayed to welding part continuously. It isolates air from molten iron oxidation to reach higher intensity.


Poultry industry: positioning barrier, delivery bed, fence, etc; Automotive industry: automobile steering shaft, carriage, etc; Agricultural machinery: harvesting machine, seeding machine, etc; Furniture industry: high and low beds, doors and windows, guardrails, etc; Public facilitates: traffic guardrail, etc; Engineering machinery: cement pump truck, bulldozer, etc. Steel components: steel models, H type steel and box types such as power cabinet, battery box, fire hose cabinet, etc.


Voltage: 17.5-19.0V
Current: 85-100A
  1. Lighter weight of final welding product than riveting, casting and forging products;
  2. Good sealing performance of welding;
  3. High economic returns, different materials are used in different welding parts for better quality and more economic.
During welding procedure, welding wire keeps loading automatically and CO2 gas gets sprayed to welding part continuously.
No. Welding parameters Phenomenon Actions
1 Voltage
High Splashes Turn down voltage
Air hole
Low Narrow and high welding seams Turn up voltage
Turn up current
Affects welding speed Turn up current
2 Current
Large Big welding seams Turn down current
Speed up wire feeding
Small Wide welding seams Lower wire welding speed
Incomplete welding Turn up current
Welding speed affected Turn down current
3 Wire feeding speed
Fast Huge welding seams Lower wire feeding speed
Slow Affects welding speed Speed up wire feeding
4 Welding wire extrusion length
Long Small current Turn up current
Splashes Shorten welding wire extrusion
Short Large current Turn down current
Blocks air faucet Lengthen welding wire extrusion
5 CO2
(Steel ball at 5 blocks position of barometer)
Huge Causes waste Turn down air feeding
Little Narrow welding seams Turn up air feeding
Air hole
6 Welding speed
(less than 0.5cm/s)
Fast Narrow welding seams Turn up voltage
off and on Turn up current
Slow Huge welding seams Turn down voltage and current
Notes Above actions are only for reference.
Specific parameters shall be adjusted according to your actual conditions for the best welding performance.

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