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Auto Pipe Assembly System For Heat Exchanger
It adopts three sets of modular and separate modular methods, suitable for large-diameter heat exchangers (less than φ8000mm).


Chemical, boiler, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, pharmaceutical, construction machinery, military and nuclear power industries.


Stroke range: 0;
hydraulic platform: rated load capacity 20T/set;
platform effective size: 3m wide, 5m long.

1. Mechanical platform, adopts 4 sets slightly adjustable power heads separately controllered by each groups, to realize the simultaneous penetration of multiple heat exchange pipes, improving tube efficiency, and a set of infrared devices is used to provide an adjustment reference, and the lateral and height data are manually set. 

2. Tydraulic lifting platform is with a safety design, including the hydraulic lock stop device, and mechanical platform is equipped with a self-locking device.

3. When pipe automatically assembled, automatic alignment of each hole (the first few need manual assistance) to achieve semi-automatic penetration, and subsequent upgrades according to experience, automatic alignment of the pipe.

4. When assembling the pipes, heat-carrying pipe is automatically penetrated by flexible clamping, which effectively avoids the scratching of the forced pipe or the damage of the heat exchange pipe. And the pipe feeding wheel adopts the beef tendon wheel to ensure heat exchange pipe not damaged, when the side pneumatic device penetrates into the last section. 

5. Mechanical pallet designed in the width direction of the platform to avoid excessive deflection when the heat exchange tube is long. In addition, when the pipe head deviation occurs during the pipe assembly process, an alarm device is available, which can be corrected in time.


when the square is arranged
when the triangle is arranged

Function mode:
manual centering in initial
automatic centering during operation
automatic pipe assembly.

Stroke parameters
1st hydraulic lifting platform 3000*6000mm
Lifting height 5500-6000mm
Left and right translation 4000mm
Secondary mechanical lifting 3000*6000
Lifting height 1000mm
Left and right translation 4000mm
Lifting height positioning accuracy of 1st level hydraulic lifting 5mm
Lifting height positioning accuracy of 2nd level mechanical lifting 0.5mm
Pipes specifications of heat exchanger
Pipe dia. φ16-φ60mm
Pipe wall thickness 1-5mm
Pipe length 6000-25000mm
Other specifications
Gap between hole of tube plate and pipes of heat exchanger ≤ 0.6mm
Pipes extruded length of tube plate ≤ 8mm
Min. length of pipe bridge and tube plate 3mm when arranged as triangle
3mm when arranged as square
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