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Chemical Barrel Auto Cleaning Production Line
The automatic chemical barrel cleaning production line adopts intelligent and flexible design. It realizes automatic barrel loading, outer wall cleaning, irregular barrels positioning, fully enclosed cleaning and pressure holding of the inner wall, and ba
1.Automatic control, multiple positioning and tracking applications used.

The station uses same standard grabbing system. It can remain the primary grab locating standards. And it enables to realize automatic barrel grabbing and handling( including different models of barrel and same models but different shapes caused by long time usage). The station can realize standard handling of different sizes of barrel. No shape changing need to be considered.


2.Real-time and flexible positioning, great cleaning and drying effect.

The robot can detect any handling deviation at any time. It enables to adjust the handling route and parameters based on the changing handling factors. This ensures the accurate handling destination. It also improves cleaning quality. The station realizes full enclosed cleaning, blow-drying and detecting. It saves cleaning materials and recycle pollution emissions.

3.Specially designed for chemical barrel, great handling efficiency.

The station adopts advanced sensor. It can accurately spot the model and position of the barrel. Response will be made by drive system and mechanical mechanism quickly. The production efficiency is improved by about 50% compared with normal ones. It saves much cost. The station can work continuously for 24 hours.


4.Great work conditions, little cost on labor and safety protections.


Automatic barrel handling requires little labor intensity. Workers have been released from handling barrel to pressing buttons and euqipment inspection. Workers have been cut off from 50 to 15. It requires little cost on safety products. And it is featured with high production and work efficiency. Safety of the workers are greatly guaranteed.



5.Complete safety protection, avoids human-machine damages.

The station uses anti-collision technology with safety bar, safety door, protection barrier etc to avoid human-machine damages caused by equipments collision.

6.Easy inspection and maintenance, complete after-sales team.

Kehui, a new three board listed company, has the efficient service and maintenance packages for clients. Regular maintenance, equipment inspections, load tests and process optimization are under our full consideration. Whenever you need the services, pls reach us in the fist place, we are always at your service 24/7.

Transfer the barrel to be cleaned to the disassembly area with the forklift or auxiliary spreader→Manually perform the cleaning before disassembly→install the automatic adapter on the barrel→ open the ball valve→ place it on the station to be washed by the spreader→handling robot transports the barrel upside down to the designated cleaning position→The positioning mechanism presses the cleaning device to start the cleaning as constructed→ After cleaning finished, the robot places the cleaned barrel into the cleaning finished area→Manually assemble the barrel→Place the assembled barrel to certain area→Transport out of the station by the forklift→Repeat the above procedures.


Core Technology
The center-clamping disassembly technology of the barrel ring -


It realizes the maximum degree of automatic disassembly by analyzing the structural characteristics of the barrel itself. It can improve the disassembly efficiency while basically no need of manual operation.


Standardization technology for non-standard barrels - 

It can basically achieve standardization of barrels of different specifications without regard to the shape changes of the barrel itself.


Constant Base Grabbing Technology -

The robot can always maintain the initial positioning criteria of the material during the process of grabbing the material, providing basic preconditions for the following washing operations.

Handling Tracking Technology -

The robot can follow the changes in handling conditions and detect the deviation of the handling in real time. Then it can adjust the handling path and handling parameters to ensure the accuracy of the handling destination. It has good real-time flexible positioning and movement. And it meets the requirements of low-cost automation in the handling process. It is suitable for handling cleaning.


Complete line automation integrated control technology - 

The entire production line combines six-axis robot integration application, non-standard special equipment application, three-dimensional warehouse and logistics application, non-standard tooling design application, online inspection and automated pipeline switching design application. It is a higher design applications and integrated devices in the automation field.


Accumulative roller conveyor mechanism -

It solves the problem of light and heavy material buffering, loading and unloading. It improves the automation of the production line. The accumulative three-dimensional warehouse can double the number of buckets without increasing the land area. And it can freely select the bucket section.

Plant Components
It mainly includes: accumulation roller conveyor conveying mechanism, outer wall cleaning special machine, special machine for barrel circle assembly and disassembly, large and small valve cleaning special machine, standardized integrated fixtures, valve automatic switch fixtures, robot interior cleaning station, pipeline system, remote major equipment systems such as IO control systems.

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