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Lithium Hexa-fluorophosphate Barrel Robot Cleaning Line
It is a set of equipment especially for cleaning lithium ion battery electrolyte (lithium hexafluorophosphate) barrel. It is suitable for collecting, opening, cleaning, water control,

1. Automatic barrel storage saves labor costs and improves production efficiency.
2. Automatic three-dimensional warehouse multiplies the number of storage barrel s without increasing the area of land, and drum could be freely selected.
3. Automatic outer wall cleaning and semi-automatic barrel ring disassembly, greatly reducing the labor intensity;
4. Realize the positioning and automatic picking and handling of all the barrels to be cleaned (the barrels of different models and the barrels with large deviation due to long-term use in same type);
5. Fully enclosed cleaning, drying and testing of the inner wall of the barrel, saving cleaning medium, recycling pollution, and improving the cleaning quality of the barrel.
Core Technology
1. clamping and disassembly technology of barrel center:
The maximum degree of automatic disassembly is achieved by analyzing the structural characteristics of the barrel itself and the disassembly efficiency can be improved without manpower operation substantially.

2. Standardization technology for non-standard barrels:
The technology basically standardize the barrel of any given interface without considering the morphological change of the barrel itself.

3. Grabbing technology without changing baseline:
Through this technology, the robot can always maintain the initial positioning standard of the material during the process of grabbing the material, and provides basic preconditions for the following washing operation.

4. System of cleaning and blowing:
The process of cleaning and blowing can be completed without the barrel moving.

5. Control logic:
The fuzzy control maximizes the intelligence level of the robot logically, and also improves the handling efficiency.
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