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Furnace Automatic Welding Production Line
The whole flexible automatic welding production line consists of four parts: the assembly inspection line, the assembly welding line, the outer wall forming line and the inner tube forming line. The automatic welding and transfer of the furnace body is re

1. The original process is a large number of manual welding, covering an area of 24,000 square meters. After the application of the production line, the floor space is reduced to 3,000 square meters.
2. The production line has realized 12 kinds of furnace bodies of three platforms to automatically switch during the production process.
3. Compared with the original large number of manual welding, the production cost of the furnace body is reduced by 25%.
4. Reduce the number of employees by 300, improve production efficiency and ensure the consistency of welding quality, and make contributions to customers becoming the leader in the industry.
5. A large number of advanced automation technologies have been put into practical application in the production line, laying an important foundation for the subsequent undertaking of relevant automation technology projects.
Core Technology
1. Industrial robots (welding, handling).
2. Heavy-duty high-speed transplanting machine.
3. Application of human-computer interaction security issues.
4. Production line visual management system.
5. Robot weld seam tracking system.
6. Intelligent electronic control system.
7. Intelligent automatic loading and unloading system.
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