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Robot Automatic Welding Production Line For Heating Furnace
The civil heating furnace automatic welding production line adopts the whole line control technology, flexible robot welding technology and automatic production line integration technology. It realizes the furnace automatic loading and unloading, position
(1)Collaborative works of multi-station , fully automatic mode.

It includes four parts: furnace assembly inspection line, furnace assembly welding line, outer wall forming line and inner tank forming line. Reasonable station design realizes automatic loading and unloading, positioning, welding, grouping pairs, handling, pressuring and detecting, etc.

(2)Low equipment investment, good and consistent finished product.

High frequency inverter welding machine has high reliability. The three-axis servo positioner realizes the double-position switch quickly. It improves the utilization rate of the robot and reduces the equipment cost. The change of the robot's gun posture cooperates with tracking software. It improves the robot's position accessibility and positioning accuracy. The welded furnaces are exquisite and durable.

(3) High degree of automation, swift change of 12 kinds lines.

The characteristics of furnace production are complex process requirements,  multi-production stations timeline, diverse production equipment. This station can realize automatic material three-dimensional cross transport and automatic weld. Also 12 kinds of furnace can realizes automatic switch during the production.

(4) Efficient logistics system, fast production tempo.

The station adopts unique gripper design and precise positioning skip car. They cooperate with heavy and high speed load-shifting machine, double speed chain logistics, intelligent automatic loading and unloading system. In this way, the station can get the handling robot to grasp different workpieces and materials. It leads to little time of material and workpiece, and high general production efficiency.

(5) Multi-source heterogeneous data gathering, real-time production status monitoring.

This station adopts modern data collect system. It can show the running status and realize visual monitoring and management. Operator can estimate the production plans and materials needed and make preparations. It can reduces the stock and solves material shortage.

(6)Perfect safety protection design, avoids man-machine damage.

The station adopts the latest mechanical components and motor drive control. It improves repeatability and drive system reliability. Anti-collision sensing technology, safety grating, safety door, guardrail and other devices are used. They effectively avoid equipment damage or industrial accidents caused by the collision of equipment.

Core Technology
Complete line automation integrated control technology - 

The production line combines six-axis robot integration application, non-standard special equipment application, three-dimensional warehouse and logistics application, non-standard tooling design application, online inspection and automated pipeline switching design application. All are higher level of design applications and integrated devices in the automation field. 

Autonomous programming technology for a variety of sensor information fusion - This project uses force sensor, displacement sensor, proximity sensor, photoelectric sensor to form a high-precision automatic path generation system. The robot can automatically generate a robot path based on the line drawn by the marker. The pose is accurate. The distance is constant.

Weld seam tracking technology - 

The robot can follow the change of welding conditions. It detects the deviation of the weld seam in real time. Then it adjusts the welding path and welding parameters. This ensures the accuracy of the welding destination. The station has good real-time performance, flexible positioning and motion. It has high automation level and low-cost investment. It is suitable for molten pole welding.

Anti-collision technology - 

The station adopts anti-collision sensing technology. It effectively avoids equipment damage or work-related accidents caused by equipment collision.

Axle expansion technology - 

There are different sizes of the workpiece and different distribution of the weld seam. The six-joint robot successfully adopts axis expansion technology. It makes the whole system form a nine-axis coordinated automation device.
Plant Components

Mainly includes: industrial robot (welding, handling), heavy-duty high-speed transplanting machine, human-machine interaction safety problem application, production line visual management system, robotic weld seam tracking system, intelligent electronic control system, intelligent automatic loading and unloading system.




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