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Elbow Inner Wall Robot Welding Station
The elbow inner wall robot welding station is specially designed for 90 degrees elbow. It adopts heated TIG circumferential stip surfacing technology. The station consists of positioner, three dimensional frame worktable, TIG automatic welding system, workpiece turnover fixture, laser device, spraying device, electrical control system, etc. After one time fixture installed, it can finish the whole welding procedures.


Inner wall welding of anti-corrosion tube in oil drilling, chemical industries, etc.


Elbow bend angle: 90 degrees Bend radius: 450mm-1500mm First weld layer thickness: 2.5mm-3.5mm Dis. error of weld track and pipe end: ≤2mm
Flexible weld gun motion, constant relative weld distance
The station adopts real-time weld seam tracking technology. The weld gun motion is flexible.
Best weld position is located between tungsten and work pieces. Same distance keeps between the weld gun and work pieces. High quality inner wall surfacing is obtained.

Tailored TIG weld gun, stable weld gun motion, great weld quality
The weld gun is customized based on customer’s elbow inner wall. The weld gun can make different width and frequency for its swing at different place. The weld gun always keeps at the same posture. It makes sure the best weld performance.

Auto weld points locating, even, smooth and perfect weld seams
The station can do circumferential annular and horizontal surfacing. It has arc voltage tracking function. Elbow diameter deviation can be adjusted automatically. Surfacing layers are displayed fan-shaped with same thickness of all welding spots. Weld gun makes same weld width. The weld joint seam is smooth and beautiful.

High degree automation, high productivity
It adopts step motor and accurate reducer motor. Work pieces can make ±180°rotation. Weld position can be located automatically. Fixed fixtures makes high quality of inner wall surfacing appearance during work pieces flipping. One time fixtures loaded can finish the whole procedures.

Easy operate system, easy maintenance and replacement
The control system is easy to operate. The operator inputs the parameters. The station can locate the weld position and continuously weld at the same layer. The separate weld gun is easy to maintain and replace. Whenever you need, experienced engineers will be dispatched to your production site within 24hours.
Auxiliary system configuration (standard configuration):
Dust and smoke cleaning system - including fully enclosed welding chamber for robotic welding and related dust and smoke cleaning system
gun cleaning and wire cutting system - including gun cleaning station, wire cutting device and silicone oil spraying unit
Automatic wire feeding system - automatic wire feeding machine, matched welding wire, wire feeding bracket, wire feeding barrel (plate)
Electronic control system - regular control, PLC control, DCS control, external controller.
Safety protection system - safety light barrier, safety fence, arc screen.
Other configuration systems - flexible group pair fixtures, fixtures, robot installation base, station internal wiring.
No Item Parameter Unit
1 Rated payload 2500 kg
2 Input power AC 380±10%V,50 HZ
3 Tungsten electrode dia. 4 mm
4 Rotation speed of rotary positioner 0.01—0.8 rpm
5 Elbow ID 200-890 mm
6 Welding wire dia. 1.0、1.2 mm
7 Environment temp. -5—45
8 Relative humidity ≤90%(No condensation)  
9 Volume of cooling water tank 18 L
10 Welding speed 10-45 g/min(Flat welding)
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