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Coach Roof Intelligent Robot Welding Station
The coach roof intelligent robot welding station adopts 4 robots welding simultaneously. The fixtures base keeps the same. Only weld fixtures need to be switched for general welding of different sizes of coach roof.


Roof welding of coach, metro, fast train, etc.


Max. weldable workpiece: 750*650mm Robot loading: 50 ~ 100kg Max robot wingspan: 2028mm Positioning accuracy: ±0.25mm Welding speed: 5~50mm/s
Accurate robot repeat motion, high quality weld seams.
The station adopts pragmatic control, laser locater and standard robot motion track. The weld parameters are fixed. The walking system of the robot can realize accurate repeat motion. The long weld seams are formed beautiful.  

Modular design, short adjusting time for different sizes of coach roof
The station adopts high precision PLC centralized control system. It is designed with separate control box and operate box. Different types of coach can be shown on the screen. You can switch the weld process by number. The station will finish all welding procedures automatically as programmed earlier.

High precision spot welding, stable weld quality
The robot control system can locate the positioning point based on the size of the coach roof skeleton. If there is huge differences among types of coach roof. The clamping unit and fixtures can be switched together. The speed of spot welding matches with the production tempo of the whole station. The station has stable weld quality. The positioning precision is±0.25mm .   

Small footprint, huge work space and high production rate
4 sets of robot weld simultaneously with same fixtures base. Different types of fixtures can be changed for different types of coach roof. It leads to short equipment vacant caused by mutual intervention. The station has high weld efficiency.

Complete technical files, great after-sales service
KEHUI is a three board listed company. We have a complete after-sales service team. The equipment components are as standard and modular as possible. Remote and field technical service are available. Experienced engineers provide guidance on installation and commissioning. Full technical files and services are available.
Auxiliary system configuration (universal configuration):
Torch cleaning and wire cutting system - torch cleaning station, wire cutting mechanism and spray silicone oil unit
Auto wire feeding system - automatic wire feeding machine, matching welding wire, wire feeding bracket, wire feeding barrel (plate)
Electronic control system - general control, PLC control, DCS control, external controller
Safety protection system - safety light barrier, safety fence, arc screen
Other configuration systems - flexible group pair fixtures, fixtures, robot mounting base, station internal wiring
Primary source  Three-phase AC 380±10%
Rated power 50kVA
2nd max. short circuiting current 15000A(5% loading ratio)
Max. electrode pressure 3000N
Jaw depth of welding tongs 350mm
Electrode stroke of welding tongs 120mm
Max. dimension of weldable pieces 750*650mm
Height of working space 850mm
Pressure of cooling water 0.20~0.30Mpa
Flow of cooling water 20~30L/min
Robot system(KUKA) KR150-2
Pneumatic system pressure (MPa) 0.6
System dimension(L*W*H) 6000×5000×2200
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