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6-station Sheet Automatic Welding Station
6-station sheet automatic welding workcell is specially designed for size of stainless steel ring sheet: OD Φ32mm, ID Φ10mm, thinkness 0.2mm(customized). The station uses orbital seam welding technology. It includes operate system, weld system, control system and water cooling system. The whole coordinated system ensures stable and high weld quality. It improves weld efficiency and final product rate. The workcell can be used to the core position welding of sheet in kinds of heavy industries.


Welding of small sheet in all types of industry.


Weld current: 14A Air supply: 8 -- 10L/min Weld speed: 4r/min Positioning speed: 1r/min Single workpiece weld time: 0.5min Capacity: 960pcs (8 hours per day)
Intelligent control system, easy to operate
The workcell can do real-time record and output of the whole welding parameters. It guarantees accurate parameters for special welding requirements. Weld quality of the seams is greatly improved. No senior welder is needed.

Adjustable station changing speed, high weld efficiency
Station changing speed of the positioner can be easily adjusted. It can also be set by manual changing. Workpieces can be quickly installed onto the fixtures. Rotating it 30degrees after nut pressed tight can guarantee tight installed. High weld efficiency is improved with quick work pieces loading and unloading.

Adjustable weld speed, stable and uniform weld quality
The station adopts enhanced servo control system. Its adjustable welding speed can decrease work piece deformation. Automatic wire feeding device, wire cutting and cleaning system ensure stable and uniform welding quality. Problems such as wire clot, air hole and slag on welding surface are effectively avoided.

Small error, high precision weld performance
Location error of radius 300MM mechanism is 0.0005mm. The station uses planetary pendulum reducer for the transmission accuracy. The closed control system with servo motor ensures reliability of repeat positioning. It can avoid gap errors among multi-level transmission.

Mandatory water cooling , continuous welding
Long time welding can cause overheated weld gun. Mandatory water cooling keeps weld gun at certain low temperature. Service efficiency of the weld gun is highly increased. It guarantees continuous welding.

Environment-friendly materials chosen, human-friendly mechanical design
The workcell fully takes ergonomic principles into consideration. It creates a comfortable working environment for the workers. Non-decomposing chloroprene rubber hose is selected as material of air pipe to ensure pollution free weld gas. The weld reservation system guarantees the workers’ safety.
Auxiliary system configuration (Universal configuration):
Closed loop control system-------including servo motor, planetary pendulum reducer
Weld operating system-----weld gun, tungsten electrode correcting table, Linear motion mode, welding rotary table
Weld booking system -- weld booking and workpiece status monitoring system to ensure the safety of operators
Safety protection system -- Lightproof bar, booking button, start/emergency stop setting
Other configuration systems - multifunctional fixtures, clamps, positioning pin, electrical cables, signal lines, station internal wiring.
No. Item Parameter
1 Model ID-3001TP
2 Welding method DCTIG/manual
3 Input current Single phase AC220V50/60HZ
4 Power 8.7KVA
5 Output current TIG5-200A
6 Zero-load current Munal 15-160A
7 Duty 25%/35%
8 Memory function 5 procedures
9 Cooling Mandatory air cooling
10 Weld gun switch 8cores
11 Weight 7.5KG
12 Isolation grade H
13 Dimension 130*320*260(mm)
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