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Cylindrical cylinder LPG tank automatic welding robot workstation
The automatic welding equipment is a special equipment designed according to the characteristics of the cylindrical cylinder. The equipment is suitable for the welding of the circumferential and longitudinal seams of the cylinder. It is equipped with a separate control box and operation box to realize simultaneous welding of 2 power sources and a roller frame. Linkage, beautiful welding shape and high production efficiency, it is the ideal equipment for professional cylindrical welding girth seam.


Our company KEHUI TECHNOLOGY intersecting line auto welding solution has been successfully adopted in welding field of small-scale boiler, heat exchanger, water treatment equipment and other pressure tank.


1.Horizontal moving speed of welding torch:100-1000mm/min 2.Effective translation stroke of welding torch:2000mm 3.Welding speed:100-1000mm/min 4.Suitable for welding diameter:¢200mm-800mm 5.Suitable for welding length:1500mm 6.Maximum workpiece weight of roller:800kg 7.Spindle speed:0.12-2rpm(Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation) 8.Welding method:TIG/MIG/CO2 SAW
1.The equipment is composed of welding gantry, workpiece positioner, welding equipment system, welding gun control system, etc. The whole equipment has a high degree of welding automation, simple operation and long service life.

2.Workpiece positioner, the head frame is tailor-welded by a box-shaped mechanism, with good rigidity, the entire drive system is built-in, and the appearance is beautiful. The chuck and the drive head are connected together, and the workpiece is clamped by the chuck to rotate under the drive of the drive head. Driving principle: AC motor—precision reducer—chuck—workpiece. The entire drive system has a self-locking function to ensure that the workpiece stays in any position at any time. The main engine is driven by AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation, constant torque output, stable speed, especially quick start or stop at low speed.

3.Welding gantry: Welding gantry is the carrier of the welding system and is made of tailored welding of profiles. Unique gantry structure design, high strength and good stability.

4.The welding gun control system has high positioning accuracy and simple operation. The end adjustment can be optional laser tracking automatic adjustment and manual adjustment.

5.Welding equipment adopts well-known domestic and foreign brands, such as Aotai, Panasonic, Lincoln, and Fronius. Brand customers can choose by themselves.

No. Items Parameters
1 Horizontal moving speed of welding torch 100-1000mm/min
2 Effective translation stroke of welding torch 2000mm
3 Welding speed 100-1000mm/min
4 Suitable for welding diameter ¢200mm-800mm
5 Suitable for welding length 1500mm
6 Maximum workpiece weight of roller 800kg
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