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Automatic welding workstation for belt conveyor idler bracket
The belt conveyor roller support workstation places the robot and welding system in the center and places two sets of positioner on both sides of the robot, which not only ensures the safety of the system but also does not affect the use of the whole welding system.The double-station system can disassemble and clip the workpiece of the other station while the robot is welding one station, which can make the robot realize uninterrupted welding and greatly improve the utilization rate and production efficiency of the robot.The whole workstation system has a stable structure and can meet the requirements of 24 hours continuous operation.


Belt conveyor roller bracket can be widely used in auto welding automatic welding workstation (after auto parts industry working under the upper arm, cross arm, left/right swing arm, vice frame, shock absorber bracket before/after), welding power facilities, tricycle frame, half load plate welding, pressure vessel welding, medical equipment, livestock equipment, welding, etc.


Robot repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.1mm Repeated positioning accuracy of the positioner: ±0.3mm Accuracy of forepart: ±0.5mm

1. This product adopts advanced vision sensing technology, arc sensing technology, coordinate transformation technology and dynamic compensation technology, which improves the welding precision and quality of the product and has a high degree of intelligent processing.

2. Adopting more advanced servo control system, the robot can move faster and react more quickly, so that the robot can run in the best acceleration mode, save working time, have more powerful functions, and can meet the needs of customers well.

3. This product has strong pertinence and flexible processing characteristics, which can meet the requirements of the work pieces with large differences in welding structure rationality.The fixture can be switched quickly, and the welding procedure can be switched quickly on the touch screen of the total control of the whole line, so as to realize the quick switch of the production of different products.

4. Improve the welding quality and assembly level, get rid of the influence of the welder level, the welding joint morphology is regular and smooth, directly used after welding, no further processing is required, shortening the process.

5. Simple operation, good man-machine interface, Chinese display, simple worker technical training.It adopts a multi-joint robot with small size, light weight, easy to use, and is completely independent, which widens the range of motion of the robot.

6. good after-sales service, product components as far as possible standardized and modular, at the same time at any time to carry out network technical guidance and on-site technical services.

(two sets of servo displacement machine named A, B) the workpiece clamping in A side displacement servo machine, double welding robots start start welding work at the same time, robot welding A client-side artifacts on side B workpiece clamping at the same time, A side finished welding welding robot to B and artifacts, in the welding of the workpiece at the same time B A side for human artifacts of disassembly and assembly, so cycle.
power 3 phase current 380±10%
rated power 50kVA
Secondary maximum short circuit current 15000A(5% Under the load)
The electrode is most pressurized    3000N
Electrode travel of welding tongs 120mm
Cooling water pressure 0.20~0.30Mpa
cooling water flow 20~30L/min
robotic system FD-V6
Pneumatic system pressure(MPa) 0.6
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