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Automatic welding workstation for distribution cabinet
Power distribution cabinet automatic welding workstation, as a flexible, reliable, universal flexible processing unit, adopts the layout form of single-machine double-station plus positioner and single-machine five-station, with professional customized flexible group to fixture, suitable for the distribution cabinet type cabinet body of various welding requirements.It can be applied to different welding tasks simply by adjusting the robot program and changing the working parameters and welding gun.


Power distribution cabinet robot automatic welding workstation can weld all kinds of cabinets of similar types, including fire cabinet, file cabinet, display rack and so on. It is also widely used in automobile, motorcycle, civil construction, home appliance products, 3C, railway locomotive and construction machinery manufacturing industry.


Power requirement: three-phase AC 380±10% Rated power: 50kVA Electrode travel of welding tongs: 120mm Pressure of pneumatic system (MPa) : 0.6

1. High degree of automation, strong flexibility, safety and reliability

Can install various positioning workpiece or clamping mechanism, have linkage control interface and corresponding self-protection function, centralized control and mutual coordination work.It can adjust quickly according to the change of manufacturing task and production environment and adapt to all kinds of production tasks.

2. Carry welding tongs with inner transformer, which is efficient and stable in welding quality

According to the frame size of the top skin of each vehicle, the common locating point was found.The clamping unit is switched with the tooling because of the big difference of vehicle types.Positioning precision is high (± 0.25 MM), to ensure welding quality, spot welding speed has matched the production line, at the same time according to full reliability.


3. Adjustable welding speed, stable quality and beautiful welding seam

The operation speed of welding can be adjusted, with good structural stiffness, effectively ensuring fast welding. The advantage of fast servo rotary speed is more conducive to cross welding and reduce the welding deformation of workpiece.The multi-point positioning of section distance can be completed quickly, and the 24-hour continuous "unmanned production" can be realized.

4. Small installation area and large working space

Improve equipment utilization, reduce equipment quantity and workshop floor space.Be able to arrange the processing of required parts timely according to the welding operation, so as to reduce the inventory of blank and finished products, thus reducing the corresponding funds, sites and so on.

The robot workstation of power distribution cabinet is equipped with a single operating station and a set of welding fixtures is fixed. The robot can complete the welding automatically.There are counter gratings at the loading and unloading stations to ensure the safety of operators. The robot will never enter this area when the workers are loading and unloading the parts. Meanwhile, when the robot is welding the workpiece on this surface, if the personnel enter this area, the robot will immediately stop running.

power 3 phase current 380±10%
rated power 50kVA
Secondary maximum short circuit current 15000A(5% Under the load)
The electrode is most pressurized    3000N
Depth of welding tongs 350mm
Electrode travel of welding tongs 120mm
robotic system KR150-2
Pneumatic system pressure(MPa) 0.6
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