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Kehui Technology and Morimatsu group (China) completed the signing of intelligent production line

2018-08-10 12:24:34

On August 8, in Kehui Industrial Park, Zhengzhou Kehui Technology Co., Ltd. and Morimatsu group (China) formally signed an intelligent production line cooperation agreement, and the two parties will cooperate in the substantive project cooperation in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Li Hongbin, COO Chief Operating Officer of Morimatsu group (China), and Chen Lei, Deputy General Manager of Zhengzhou Kehui Technology, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.

Li Hongbin (second from left), COO Chief Operating Officer of Morimatsu, Kang Zhizheng (first from left), Deputy Chief Engineer of Morimatsu, Chen Lei (second from right), Deputy General Manager of Kehui, Chen ling (first from right), the head of the sales department of Kehui, attended the signing ceremony.

Li Hongbin, the chief operating officer of Morimatsu group (China), expressed his affirmation and trust in the technical strength of Kehui Technology at the signing ceremony, and showed great interest in the development of Kehui Technology in the past 23 years. He explained with the firm determination to intelligently upgrade and renovate the production line, the Morimatsu group (China) sincerely hope to realize the automation and intelligence of the production line as soon as possible through in-depth cooperation with Kehui Technology.

Chen Lei, deputy general manager of Kehui Technology, said that in the 23 years of development history, Kehui Technology has always adhered to technological innovation and service innovation, and continuously provided intelligent manufacturing overall solutions for the manufacturing industry. As a practitioner of the smart manufacturing power strategy, Kehui Technology has the ability to provide practical technical support and overall solutions for the intelligent upgrade of the Morimatsu group (China) production line, and is full of confidence in the future development prospects of the Morimatsu group (China).

In conjunction with Morimatsu group (China), Kehui Technology will provide practical and feasible intelligent production line solutions, realize automatic loading and unloading of production lines, automatic introduction, automatic positioning and other functions, reduce manual intervention, reduce long-term high-altitude operation risks, to achieve the transformation of duplicate manual labor types into technical types. The production period will be greatly shortened, and the leap-forward development of large&medium-sized exchangers in the field of intelligent pipe-piercing technology can be realized!

The successful signing of Kehui Technology and Morimatsu group (China) intelligent production line has opened a new chapter in the friendly cooperation between the two parties, marking Kehui Technology has taken another solid and forward step on the road of providing intelligent manufacturing overall solutions for the manufacturing industry!

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