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KH-W1800 Welding Robot
The KH-W1800 welding robot is compact, small in size and light in weight. It is a special welding robot that can achieve stable welding, obtain high-precision welding paths, shorten welding cycle.


Arc welding, cutting, material handling, palletizing.


Fixture table
Welding torch
Safety automatic door
1. Light weight and large working space.
2. The workpiece is clamped and positioned conveniently and accurately.
3. KH-W1800 welding robot is safe, stable, fast.
4. Repeated positioning accuracy is high.
5. Strong welding, beautiful weld seam, high quality stability.
6. KH-W1800 welding robot can adapt to similar size specifications (fixture can adapt to a range of workpiece processing in a range of specifications), fixture adjustment is simple and convenient.
Arc welding, cutting
1. Stabilize and improve the quality of welding to ensure its uniformity
2. KH-W1800 welding robot improves productivity, continuous production 24 hours a day
3. Improve workers' working conditions and work long-term under harmful environment
4. Reduce the requirements for workers' operating technology
5. Shorten the cycle of product modification and reduce the corresponding investment equipment
6. KH-W1800 welding robot can achieve batch product welding automation
7. Save floor space

Material handling, palletizing
1. Greater flexibility, more stable performance, lower energy consumption
2. Maximize throughput with high speed performance
3. Long working hours
4. Fixed automation
Serial number Equipment Function Description Quantity
1 KH-W1800 Welding Robot Welding Robot 1
2 Fixture table Support positioning of welded parts 2
3 Wire feeder, welder and accessories Welding wire, welding parameters, power management and accessories 1
4 Welding torch Special for welding 1
5 Button box, indicator light Start, stop, emergency stop, start welding, etc. 1
6 Hood (with protective function) Shading and security 1
7 Safety automatic door Shading and security 2

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