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KH-W1400 Industrial robot
KH-W1400 Industrial robot is compact, small in size and light in weight. It is a special arc industrial robot that can achieve stable welding, obtain high-precision welding paths, shorten welding cycle.


Arc welding, cutting, material handling, palletizing


Axis number: 6
Max loading capacity: 166 kg
Working radius(r): 1,405 mm

Focus on trajectory accuracy and quality

Simplified operation, an intuitive operator interface on a high-resolution touch screen can be used to quickly create a reliable welding program. Simple and straightforward welding instructions provide powerful support for programmers. The KH-W1400 industrial robot has excellent trajectory accuracy, so no time-consuming and labor-intensive refurbishment is required – whether it is MIG/MAG, WIG, plasma or special welding processes.

Efficient productivity

The high shaft speed of the KH-W1400 industrial robot and the sixth shaft that can be rotated infinitely ensure extremely short cycle times, as this minimizes the time of unproductive movement between the two welds. The robotic mechanical system is very stable, so the industrial robot has excellent repeatability and ensures accurate movement to the beginning of the weld without exceeding the target position.


Ideal cost control

The KH-W1400 industrial robotic mechanical system has the longest maintenance cycle of the gearbox and the maintenance-free operation of the robot cable assembly. Coupled with an energy-efficient control system ensures minimal operating costs. Welding equipment can be easily and quickly connected to the robot control system via fieldbus interfaces such as EtherCAT (available in every KR C4 control system). Therefore, the operator can use all functions at any time.

Flexible working space

The KH-W1400 industrial robot has the advantages of good performance, high power density and low cost. The industrial robot with hollow shaft arm and hollow shaft wrist has the advantage of less interference contours and ergonomics, ensuring the highest accuracy of the path movement – including in particularly narrow workpieces and tooling. A space-saving work unit solution can be achieved while ensuring the best performance and exceptionally low follow-up costs.


Arc welding, cutting

1. Stabilize and improve the quality of welding to ensure its uniformity.
2. Improve productivity and produce continuously for 24 hours a day.
3. Improve workers' working conditions and work long-term in harmful environments.
4. Reduce the requirements for workers' operating technology.
5. Shorten the cycle of product modification and reduce the corresponding investment equipment.
6. Realize batch product welding automation.
7. Save floor space.

Material handling, palletizing

1. Greater flexibility, more stable performance, lower energy consumption.
2. Maximum throughput with high speed performance.
3. Continued work run time.
4. Fixed automation.
Model KH-W1400
Number of Axes 6
Max.Payload Capacity 166 kg
r 1,405 mm
Position Repeatability ±0.08 mm
Drive Capacity 1800 W
Working Range Wrist J1 ±180°
J2 -80° — +60°
J3 -146.5° — +150°
Arm J4 ±360°
J5 ±135°
J6 ±360°
Maximum Speed Wrist J1 2.18rad/s(125°/s)
J2 2.01rad/s(115°/s)
J3 2.11rad/s(121°/s)
Arm J4 3.14rad/s(180°/s)
J5 3.02rad/s(173°/s)
J6 4.54rad/s(260°/s)
Cross-sectional Area 6.58m2 * 360°
Ambient Conditions 0-45℃,20-80%RH(No Condensation)
Mass(weight) 1010 kg
Installation Type Floor
Paint Color White

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