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Automatic Crane Main Carriage Welding System
Crane main carriage consists of 1 upper plate, 1 lower plate, 2 side plates( most side plate welding has longitudinal angle steel and several steel plates. Most side plates has longitudinal angle steel. It can increase the stiffness and avoids deformation

  1. Great economic returns. Fast welding speed and 24hours continuous welding.
  2. Stable and reliable welding quality. Welding quality is high due to numerical control mechanization operation.
  3. For workers: low labor intensity required and good working environment.
  4. Complete safety protections for operator, devices and system. Safety barrier with locks ensures immediate shutdown of the system once operator steps in while welding. 3 protections are taken from program, electric and mechanism. Every motion has closed inter-lock setting in case of accident caused by wrong motion order or wrong motion. HMI mode is adopted with manual confirmation of partial works. Uncontrollable factors of full automation are minimized.
Core Technology
Main carriage parts are blanked by blanking workshop→ Transport to next station→ Automatic materials loading to fixtures and assembly finished→ Group welding of steel plate and upper plate→ Group side plates and steel plates→ Weld inner seam of π-shape carriage→ Group π-shape carriage and lower plate→ Weld 4 outside seams of main carriage→ Automatic blanking to certain area.
Plant Components
Blanking accuracy is ±1mm, group gap is ≤ 1mm
Successful Case
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