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Guardrail Automatic Welding Production Line
It is controlled by computer and PLC programming controller with high degree automation. Workers can weld once or multiple times based on actual condition and power consumption.

1. Compact main structure and large relative scope of action:
a) 6-degree-of-freedom welding robot can be used to complete the welding of closed space curves or multi-space curve welds, ensuring that the welding gun always has the proper posture to meet the welding process requirements;
b) Large effective load, effective support for automatic positioning, weld seam tracking, welding quality inspection and other functions.

2. Good system coordination, high welding process:
Compact structure, real-time monitoring, strong interrupt function, high reliability, high technical level of sensing technology and automatic control system, high coordination of hardware and software systems, complete special or general welding process service with welding machine and its auxiliary equipment, welding process level is high.

3 Easy to learn and operate:
Users only need to press the function keys to achieve some welding operations or to complete some program modifications, easy to memorize and master, without the user to master the esoteric knowledge of the welding robot itself.

Core Technology
Install the lower guardrail into the lower clamp, press the cylinder tightly → then put the first upper guard rail into the upper clamp, press the cylinder tightly → press the “start” button → 2 welders simultaneously arc welding, and 2 fillers at the same time Automatic wire feeding → walking mechanism forward walking → after the set welding length → 2 welding machine arcing, wire filling machine automatically stop feeding wire → walking mechanism stops walking → automatic feeding mechanism clamping guardrail → automatic clamping mechanism automatically releasing the guardrail→automatic feeding mechanism automatically moves forward → Then put the second upper guard rail into the upper clamp, the cylinder is pressed tightly → automatic welding → sequential welding.
Plant Components
1. Welding main machine      QTY:1
Includes the rack, welding gun moving mechanism, welding gun lifting mechanism, welding gun three-dimensional adjustment mechanism, connecting mechanism, rotating mechanism, automatic lower fence clamping mechanism, automatic upper fence clamping mechanism, automatic unloading mechanism, PLC control system, Automatic sensing system, pneumatic system, connecting cable, aviation plug-in, foot switch, etc.
2. Wire filling machine      QTY:2
Includes wire feeder, frame, adjustment mechanism, wire feeding mechanism, wire feeder, remote control box, connecting cable, etc.
3. Welder    QTY:2
Argon gas meter, welding torch, cable, tungsten needle, nozzle, etc.
Technical Parameter
No. Project Parameter
1 Rated voltage: 380V
2 Welding wire dia.: 2.5-6.0mm
3 Welding speed: Customized
4 Robot repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.1mm
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