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(Large and Middle) Automatic Heat Exchanger Tube Piercing Station
Automatic heat exchanger tube piercing system consists conveying platform, auxiliary platform, control system and safety device, for round tube diameter of ∅16mm~∅60mm, max. diameter of ∅8000mm.


Size of heat exchanger tube piercing: <φ8000mm. Device has automatic lifting function module and auto tube piercing function module, realizing auto materials loading, position adjusting and auto piercing.


Hydraulic lifting platform: 20t Mechanical lifting platform: 5t Hydraulic lifting platform: 20t Mechanical lifting platform: 10t
Complete safety protections
  1. Operator safety: Designed with safety fence, all staff entrances are equipped with safety locks. Once personnel enter, the system will stop working immediately.
  2. Equipment safety: Multiple security settings for program, electrical, mechanical parts ensures safe and stable operation.
  3. Each action has a closed loop interlock setting, which avoids any accident caused by wrong sequence or incomplete actions.
  4. System safety: Adopts man-machine mode and partial manual operation to avoid safety danger due to uncontrollable factors of full automation operation.
  5. Process safety: Design with the least contact between tube and equipment. And contact part use high elasticity materials like rubber to avoid scratches on workpieces.
Easy operation

Working principle:
Tubes on auxiliary platform is automatically distributed to position as parameter settings→ Worker at the manual platform installs guide cone head→ Start tube piercing system→ Automatic tube detecting and piercing under hole piercing of conveying platform (Only one worker needed)

Great consistency and high quality of tube piercing
Platform width direction is designed with mechanical pallet. It avoids any bending of long tubes. Flexible clamping can automatically penetrate into the heat exchanger. It prevents from tube scratches or damages. Bovine wheel is adopted to avoid damages when lateral pneumatic device penetrates into the last section.

Efficient and economic, suitable for large batch of production.
Mechanical platform uses 4 sets of power head. Distance among heads of each set can be adjusted easily. It can realize multiple tubes piercing at the same time. The efficiency can be improved to 10 times of manual production. Costs on labor, field, time and opportunity are greatly reduced.
No Project Item Parameter Unit
1 Stroke parameters 1st hydraulic lifting platform 3000*6000 mm
2nd mechanical lifting 3000*6000 mm
2 Heat exchanger tube specifications Dia. φ16-φ60 mm
Thickness 1-5 mm
Length 6000-25000 mm
3 Lifting platform Load Hydraulic lifting platform 20 t
Mechanical lifting platform 5 t
4 Auxiliary platform Hydraulic lifting platform 20 t
Mechanical lifting platform 10 t

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