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Farmland Cultivator Robotic Welding Machine
It includes two workstations, robotic welding workstation for farmland cultivator shell, and robotic welding workstation for farmland cultivator frame. It can use MIG/MAG/CO2 and TIG, plasma arc welding method.


Spare parts of bicycle and motorcycle, fence, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, furniture parts, auto parts, car seats, sports equipment, medical equipment, hardware and electrical machinery, and etc.


Positional repeatability:
robot: ±0.1mm;
moving mechanism: ±0.15mm;
rotating positioner: ±0.3.
1.Simple configuration & flexible layout:
Layout designed depends on actual condition, which effectively avoids the fixtures’ interference situation; double-station configuration, rotating positioner and fixture  stabilizes and ensures high-quality welding effect.
2.Big amount production even with tough welding condition:
The rotating positioner and the changing of welding torch position can greatly ensure the accessibility and status of welding torch, no matter how irregular the welding gap is.
3.High production efficiency:
Two-shift system: less waiting time for robot when worker load and unload workpieces, improving its using efficiency producing efficiency, 8 hours per shift. Aldo it can work 24-hour continuously with 3 shifts.
4.Customized layout: Depending on customers’ requirement, the system can use different brand of robot, power source and others units.
This robotic welding system includes long arm robot FD-V6L, mounting base, single-axis pneumatic positioners, fixtures(designed according to workpieces), robot controller, robot teach pendant, welding power source, welding gun, external control boxes and robot moving sliding rail, etc.

Cultivator Rack                                                          Cultivator Rack Workstation

Cultivator Shell                                                          Cultivator Shell Workstation

No. Items Parameters
1 Size of workpieces Can be designed according to size of workpieces
2 Weight of workpieces Can be designed according to requirement
3 Welding speed Normally 5 ~ 50mm/s, can be set by weld size
4 Positional repeatability of robot ±0.1mm.
5 Positional repeatability of moving mechanism ±0.15mm.
6 Positional repeatability of rotating positioner ±0.3mm.

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